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Inclement Weather Guidelines*

VAIS wants registrants to use their best judgment when traveling in for any VAIS program.

In case of inclement weather either on a single-day VAIS workshop or on the first day of a multi-day VAIS program:
  1. The program will be held as planned, if the speaker(s) has been able to travel to the program location. If a registrant is uncomfortable with traveling and chooses not to attend the program, then it is the registrant's responsibility to identify a replacement. No refunds will be issued.
  2. If a speaker(s) is unable to present for the program, VAIS will take the following steps to inform participants of the postponement and/or cancellation of the program: 
    1. An announcement will be posted in the news box on the VAIS homepage as early as 5:00 am the morning of the program.
    2. Program information will be posted on the voicemail of Joan Fargis: phone: (804) 282-3592 X301.
    3. If VAIS learns a day or more in advance of the program that the speaker is unable to present, VAIS will contact registrants immediately by email. 

*The above guidelines do not apply to the VAIS Annual Conference nor to the VAIS Heads of Schools Conference. In both cases, please check your email that was provided in the registration process for any updates or changes.


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